Part Number : TL-FS

Techlogiks Free Standing Cabinets has an available height ranging from 12U to 47U with a width of 600mm, 800mm and depth of 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. It is a rugged type, large loading and has a maximum static loading of 800 kg. The rack is completely providing an accessories such as an adjustable feet, removable side panels, heavy duty castors, several lock cable entry from top and bottom panel with adjustable sizes, an optional plinth which enables the rack to stand in a fixed position, and 4 way fans.The cabinets also come with a wide range of options for front and back door like curved concave, glass door, perforarated door, single or double door.


ANSI/EIA RS-310-A,DIN41491; PART1, IEC297-2,DIN41494; PART 7, GB/T3047.2-92. Compatible with metric, ETSI and 19-inch international standards

Features & Benefits

  • Exquisite design with precise craftsmanship 
  • Good compatibility, adapt to more servers. Perfect ventilation 
  • Vented front door and rear door enable ventilation and reliable operation 
  • The top and bottom wiring channel can be closed and adjusted. 
  • Optional plinth to meet under base wiring, ventilation and rat-proof 
  • Rack’s side panel can be easily assembled. 
  • Efficient and solid cabinet connection 
  • Adjustable feet and heavy duty castors are available at the same time , 
  • Static loading: 800kg.(with adjustable feet). 
  • Advanced lock 
  • Surface finish: degreasing, pickling, phosphating, powder coating 
  • Available in black and gray 
  • Height, width, and depth selectable, full range of optional accessories

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