Part Number : TL-WB

Techlogiks 110 wiring blocks are available in Rack mount or Wall mount type. It create compact, adaptable 110 termination field for voice and data. Rack mount panel come in 100,200 pair densities and termination 22-26 AWG copper wire. Wall mount blocks bases come in 50, 100, or 300 pair densities. The 50 pair bases may be ordered with or without standoff legs which provide more room behind the base for cable.


  • Rack mount wiring blocks are design to mount to any standard 19" rack or cabinet, high-density 1U 
  • Wall mount wiring blocks block Available with legs or without legs to the wiring base 
  • Easy to adjust, easy to embed wires in Wiring blocks are designed to support voice and high-speed data application. 
  • Offering a reliable and economical high-density system. 
  • The terminal blocks accommodate 22-26 AWG with a insulation diameter of 0.4-0.64 mm. 
  • IDC contact material : phosphor bronze with tin plating over nickel Available with T568 A .T568 B wiring pattern.

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